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For returns from Germany:
print DHL returns label
For returns from Austria, Switzerland and European Union (AT/CH/EU)
please click here

Instructions for the DHL returns portal:

  1. Fill in the order number of you invoice or confirmation in the field "Auftragsnummer" (no obligatory field)
  2. Fill in your complete address
  3. Press the button "Weiter"
  4. Now you can print label by clicking "PDF öffnen und drucken"
  5. Use the label for your shipment.

Please keep the shipment number for the traceability and the receipt as proof of the consignment until the refund. Return the goods at a German post office near you.

Too small, too big, you simply don't like it? Here you can return the items in a few simple steps! If the ordered items are too small or too big, you don't like the style or the items have defects, please return these items.


  • Download the returns form and print it!
  • Fill in the form completely.
  • Put the filled form in the returns package.
  • Pack the items accurately.
Please send us the package adequately postpaid to the address below.
Absence of postage is not mandatory for the an effective revocation. For questions please don't hesitate to contact us via telephone at +49 (0)7721 9442 122 or via E-mail to:

Returns address:

Multisped GmbH
Logistik-Zentrum Singen
c/o Retourenabteilung Napo-Shop
Lise-Meitner-Straße 1
D-78224 Singen

There is no obligation to print this form and fill it out, this is a voluntary option for you to facilitate our work. Thank you for your cooperation! To view the form, fill it out and print the documents, you need the free Adobe Acrobat Reader.


returns form as PDF
Acrobat Reader